From a small one-time gift to a recurring monthly contribution, your donation will make important contribution to a world without sexual exploitation of children. Please see below how your donation funds our specific needs.

What can we do?

We strive for a world free of sexual exploitation of children and with your generous gift, we can fund specific needs in our goal:

  • For $ 5, we can provide a rescued girl with a water bottle, clothes and medical supplies;
  • For $ 50, we can rescue one minor girl;
  • For $ 150, we can provide books and other academic school supplies for our School for Justice students;
  • For $ 400, we can provide media and empowerment classes for one survivor for one year;
  • For $ 1000, we can rescue one minor girl and provide short term support for one year (education, trauma counselling, medical assistance and legal aid).

Do you want to send a check?

You can make checks payable to Free a Girl USA and send it to the address below:

Mechanics Bank
Attn: Affiliates and Specialty Deposits
2100 S. Blosser Road
Santa Maria, CA 93458