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As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for new opportunities and openings. That gap in the market, key success factors, new target groups. You want to make full use of the possibilities, get the most out of them. Or, as we say;


Every day, 2 million children, mainly girls, are being imprisoned worldwide. They are locked up and exploited in brothels or dance bars, and forced into sexual exploitation. They have nowhere to go. Their freedom is taken away from them, together with their childhood, family and safety. But they also lose their future, their potential.

Free a Girl USA is dedicated to fighting sexual exploitation of children by rescuing these girls. We’re also committed to ensuring that those who exploit them are actually prosecuted.

You can help us by becoming a business partner. By supporting us, you can be the key in the process of rescuing the girls. The key that opens the door to freedom. And the key that locks the door on those who commit these terrible crimes.

Become a business partner, because with your support, we can do so much more…


Rescuing the girls and the prosecuting the perpetrators is just the beginning. With your support, the girls can start working on their future: by following training, or even by attending the School for Justice, a program that trains the girls as lawyers to tackle impunity in their own country. So that these girls can bring lasting change.

As a business partner, you can support our fight from $ 5,000 a year. And as well as being a key for us, doors will also open for you:

  • Donation of $ 5.000: Congratulations! You are an official business partner; We will do our utmost to rescue as many minor girls as possible and bring the perpetrators to justice. That is our promise to you; you may use our logo and name for internal and external purposes and we will put your logo on our website;
  • Donation of $ 10.000: With this donation you may decide which project your donation goes to, and receive regular reports. You will be invited to the annual Business Partner lunch in New York or Los Angeles
  • Donation of $ 25.000: In addition to the above described extra, we will give a presentation on Free a Girl for your team at your office and you can visit one of the projects you support in Asia or Brazil.
  • Donation of $ 50.000 or more: Extra: we will arrange visit to one of the projects in Asia or Brazil and, we will use your logo in all communication tools for an indefinite period of time.

Please contact Evelien Hölsken, founder of Free a Girl USA for more information: evelien.holsken@freeagirl.com.

*Disclosure: Free a girl USA is in the final process of receiving its not-for-profit 501c3 application status. All donations are already deductible.